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Rotalube Patent granted

US patent granted to BKC for Rotalube® invention, adding to the other patents for this unique chain lubrication system.

Large Pitch Conveyor Chain – a solution provided in record time.

BKC where delighted to be able to provide our customer with a 152.4mm pitch 420kN chain in record time. Working closely with our customer and understanding our customers needs BKC where able to bring the delivery period down by 5 weeks thus ensuring continuity of work by planning the chain replacement, preventing catastrophic failure and [...]

Major Food Machine Refurbishment Project Awarded To BKC

One of the largest North West bakeries has awarded a major refurbishment project to BKC. The objective of the project is to improve the efficiencies of a large food processing machine, this will enable Clayton Park Bakeries to expand and increase market share. BKC will bring in one of its engineering partners, Optima Engineered Solutions [...]

Large Lifting Chain Order Supplied in Demanding Circumstances

BKC have been awarded a major contract to supply lifting chains by one of the largest particle board manufacturers in the UK. The chains, used in a key stage of the manufacturing process, were supplied in extremely demanding circumstances. The four chain where 24 metres in length, 2" pitch duplex and supplied within 7 days. [...]

Association with Altec UK

BKC are delighted to announce their association with Altec UK, headed by Alan Longshaw their design prowess is at the forefront of chain technology. The combination of our two companies working together is quite simply one of the strongest problem solving teams in the world. We are pushing chain design to new levels.

HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales Aircraft Carriers

BKC working with KettenWulf have been awarded the contract to supply the lifting chains and sprockets for the two new aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. This contract, whilst prestigious, is the largest order BKC have been awarded to date. The chain alone weighs 85 tonnes… a sizable solution…

Chains & Sprockets Contract for Australian Navy

As a result and reward to our innovative, professional proposal and product offering for HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales;  BKC have secured the contract to supply lifting chains and sprockets for two helicopter warships destined for the Australian Navy. The trust placed in BKC to supply is massive - similar in size [...]