About BKC Products Ltd

BKC specialise in providing engineered solutions and improvements to power transmission, conveying, and general machine applications.

We work closely with our customers and are regularly commissioned to re-design existing applications or to re-engineer components and systems. Our knowledge of state of the art materials and cutting-edge technologies combine to improve overall efficiencies and productivity.

The workability and feasibility of all solutions are thoroughly investigated, and created in our virtual CAD environment before becoming a reality.

Every project undertaken can vary in size or requirement and is dealt with proficiently and professionally.

Individual projects have exceeded 1.5 million Euros in value, which bears testament to our customers’ confidence in the skills and expertise of BKC. We offer bespoke solutions to industry across a wide range of industry sectors, this can vary from the simplest of packaging processes, to aircraft elevators on warships.

Our broad portfolio incorporates single component design – through to full application concept, design, manufacture, build, and install.

When working with BKC, you will fully appreciate the sheer passion and dedication applied to every project, large or small.

A centre of excellence – with a team that cares.


Orbital Pie Press

At the latter end of 2016 BKC were successful in winning a contract to design and build a machine that makes pies – pies of all shapes and sizes. Our client – the world’s largest food retail chain is renown for its quality, freshness, service and an overriding sense of community. From a blank piece of paper the scope of [...]

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“The Stacker”

Towards the end of 2015 BKC where awarded a prestigious contract to design and build a machine that would stack fluted board sheets automatically onto pallets, a simple task you may think but when the sheets are coming at you 2 every second, in varying sizes up to 1400mm x 1400mm and in varying thicknesses the challenge becomes less simple. [...]

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Conveyor Chain

In the main if you're already looking at this page you will have knowledge of the precise nature of how conveyor chain is constructed - your requirements will be either selection of a chain that best suits your design or you need to replace a failing chain. At your service is BKC's unrivalled experience in product selection and chain design. [...]

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Transmission Chain

It is fact that there are more and more chain makers claiming they have the best quality chains on the market, BKC's independent status and knowledge of the market place allow us to cut through all the marketing claims. We are very much application driven and will recommend a specific chain from a certain manufacturer that will give the best [...]

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Any pitch, any size, any design - it is imperative that the right sprocket is matched with the chain that it runs with, to ensure long life. BKC's understanding of the marriage between chain and sprocket allows us to select the right material, design the right tooth profile, heat treat, to produce the right sprocket for the application. Precise and [...]

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BKC are regularly commissioned to design and supply gears for a wide variety of applications. Our teams are often asked to visit sites to identify and specify replacement gears on existing applications, which we then fully design and create in our CAD virtual environment. This technique ensures we offer solutions that work. Supply only - working to your drawings and [...]

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Belts & Pulleys

Classic, Syncroflex, Breco, Brecoflex - simply endless, we offer a comprehensive range of belts to suit almost any application. We specialise in adapted belts which are integral with almost any size/complexity of flight arrangement. This maintenance free method of conveying is in most cases, a simple yet effective solution to your conveying needs. Of course, standard belts in a wide [...]

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Bespoke Solutions

Our vast range of experience and knowledge has been put to good use by our customers, to provide a variety of solutions from machine modification to full machine design and build. Design, build, & installation of belt conveyors Extention & modification of existing conveyors Design, build & installation of chain conveyor systems Design, build & installation of lotion applicator [...]

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Installation & Commissioning

Our skilled and experienced team of installation engineers have worked in most environments and industries. We also provide labour where required, to complete the total package. All with 'Passports of Safety', hot working where required, risk assessments and method statements. Our engineers work effectively and efficiently whilst observing the highest levels of safety and working practices. BKC provide the complete [...]

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Robot invades BKC

Working with one of the largest insulation manufacturers in the world, BKC had made an investment in a unique robot welding cell to produce conveyor flights in stainless steel 2909mm long, the welding technique is metal inert gas - MIG. The cell is design for a capacity of 3500mm - its dual loading facility enables welding to continue at the [...]

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